An analysis of great country

Chapter 2 Themes and Colors Key LitCharts assigns a color and icon to each theme in The Great Gatsby, which you can use to track the themes throughout the work. Active Themes For instance, Nick says that though he scorns everything Gatsby stood for, he withholds judgment entirely regarding him. Nick says Gatsby was a man of "gorgeous" personality and boundless hope.

An analysis of great country

I am looking at those historical facts and comments. If you read the history, China can never be today if not going to the communism way in that turbulent period. It is not a fair comparison on literacy rates between Taiwan and China mainland.

Do you know how big is China mainland in terms of both land size and population? The point is traditional Chinese is far more difficult to learn by the peasants. I cited the Chinese atomic bomb testing in s because it is a significant event that thereafter the Chinese can look eye to eye at same level as the westerners.

I am not saying military power is a factor to great nation. I personally experienced the event in the s. Given another 50 years, China would probably evolve into what the West is today. Why did Japan not apologize to those countries suffered from its invasion during WW2? Why would Japan harbour grudges from the atomic bomb attacks if it has killed far too many innocent people in Asia during WW2?

You need to read more history. Not just the historical story but the analysis to answer all these questions. I am not saying USA is not a great nation. My point is that we should not feel sick to be Chinese because of China, or to be Indian because of India.

We must be proud of who we are, learn from the history in order to understand the evolution of our world. Whether you like it or not, USA is confirmed declining. In fact, USA has began declining since Korean war that they did not win and Vietnam war that they lost.

And, you cannot stop the turning of this giant history wheel. I must respectfully disagree.

An analysis of great country

To start with, one should point out that China has been around more than 5, years, far longer than many western civilisations. China was at the height of refinement and culture during the Tang dynastic when westerners were still savages.Oct 01,  · Being a great nation is not about having the largest land area, the largest economy or the mightiest military power.

If it was based on such quantitive criteria, the greatness of nations would just be a ranking by size, economy or military power.

A small country like Israel can be a great nation. Best Countries is a rankings, news and analysis project created to capture how countries are perceived on a global scale.

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My ambition in life general essay themes. High Quality FACSIMILE REPRODUCTION: Brown, James Sayles:Partisan Politics, The Evil And The Remedy; An Analysis Of The Great Political Parties Of The Country--Their Morals And Methods--As The Supreme Power In The Republic, The Remedy Prohibitive Legislation: Facsimile: Originally published by Philadelphia, Printed by J.

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