An introduction to the future of the worlds rainforests

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An introduction to the future of the worlds rainforests

A Star Wars Story. Such tantalising tastes of a deep backstory are spread throughout the movies.

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Together, they stand amid a group of ancient, inscribed standing stones. But the ruins are not just some random background set design decision. And an important part of Star Wars lore. Far more important that you may realise. From the outset, the Star Wars movies have sought to enrich the depth and appeal of their universe with tantalising teases of lost civilisations.

The symbols and edifices of a lost past are everywhere. A Star Wars Story is no exception. Standing stones hold a place close to our hearts: And writer-director George Lucas has mastered their use.

Enter the latest instalment: As new versions are layered on the old, we sometimes lose track of what is original and what was added.

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The Millennium Falcon takes of from the rebel base amid the ruins on the moon of Endor. Lucas went through great pains — and expense — to get a few seconds of footage capturing the ruins of a Central American city for his first movie, A New Hope.

Tikal sits in the rainforests of northern Guatemala. It flourished between and AD.

An introduction to the future of the worlds rainforests

Its ruins have become an icon of the ingenuity of the ancient Maya. One of the prominent Maya temples at Tikal. This theme, established in the first Star Wars movie, endures. Lucas could have easily picked a more accessible ruin, or built something on a sound stage, but authenticity mattered to him.

Lucas had to believe hard to make this happen, and extra efforts like the Tikal shots really show that.


Maya and Egyptian pyramids were at the core of the emerging New Age movement — and a renewed fascination with the increasingly-embellished Atlantean mythology. And beneath it all is a rich tapestry of symbology. This is in contrast with, for example, what Islamic State has done in destroying sites and selling antiquities on the black market.

For Islamic State, the value is monetary and symbolic in destruction.

Impacts and Causes of Deforestation in the Amazon Basin

For Star Wars, the value is in preservation — in the past enduring.Rainforests February 18th, Mr. Zanardo AJ D’Orazio CGF 3M Grade 11 Rainforests are the oldest living ecosystems on earth. They only cover about 6% of the Earth surface but they contain more than half of the world’s animal and plant species.

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An introduction to the future of the worlds rainforests

Rainforest – an Introduction The relic rainforests strewn across the Australian continent has within a few years become a classic landscape for scientific research and aesthetic appreciation. It links us in our imagination with the stupendous ecological scenarios of the past.

Introduction: The tropical rainforest is earth’s most complex biome in terms of both structure and species diversity. It occurs under optimal growing conditions: abundant precipitation and year round warmth.

Famous Rainforests Introduction

There is no annual rhythm to the forest; rather each species has evolved its . Five Basic Steps to Saving Rainforests "TREES" is a concept originally devised for an elementary school audience but serves well as set of principles for saving rainforests and, on a broader scale, ecosystems around the world.

Predictions for the Future Future Predictions In recent years the deforestation of the amazon has dropped to its lowest rate since records of the destruction began.

Rainforests: facts, figures, news, and pictures