An introduction to the literary analysis of shylock

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An introduction to the literary analysis of shylock

Shylock Analysis You are here: English Merchant of Venice: Shylock is a wealthy Jewish moneylender. Shylock is the antagonist in the play because he stands in the way of love, but this does not necessarily make him the villain of the play.

Shylock can be seen as both the villain of the play and as a man who is very human. The villain that we see in Shylock is the greedy moneylender. Shylock charges high interest rates and when he is not repaid he insists on revenge. Shylock wants revenge for the loss of his daughter through the fulfillment of the bond.

In court Shylock is defeated because of his selfishness.

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Shakespeare also shows the human qualities of Shylock throughout the play. Shakespeare brings out these human qualities by causing us to feel sympathy for him. This causes us to feel sympathy for Shylock, even though we may feel him to be a villain.

Besides the loss of his daughter and his ducats, after the trial Shylock also loses his property and his religion. The loss of his property was certainly a blow to Shylock but it can hardly compare to his loss of his religion. His forced conversion to Christianity brings out more sympathy for him.


He gave Shylock the ability to make us hate him at times, and sympathize with him at others. This makes Shylock one of the most vivid characters of the play.William Shakespeare 's Macbeth And Lady Macbeth - He goes back and forth on the idea of killing Duncan, he argues that he is the kinsman of Duncan and should be protecting him and he knows that the only reason he wants to kill Duncan is ambition.

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An introduction to the literary analysis of shylock

finishing dissertation sigma 24 mm f 4 art review essay argument essay help debate speech on co education essays life in a concentration camp essay. Shylock is a Jewish moneylender, father to Jessica, enemy to Antonio, and one of the most complex characters of The Merchant of Venice—and arguably of all of Shakespeare's works.

Over the years, theater and film productions of the play have portrayed Shylock in various ways. This video provides a crash course introduction to William Shakespeare's life, plays, and poetry.

From 'Two Gentlemen of Verona' to 'The Tempest', we'll give you a timeline of his works and quick.

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