Analysis of whipps cross hospital essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Addressing the staffing is at Patton-Fuller Community Hospital is the current issue.

Analysis of whipps cross hospital essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Shouldice established a speciality hospital in near downtown Toronto, Ontario, for the treatment of hernia with a special focus on primary hernia.

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Starting as a small six room nursing home in the hospital grew over the years to become an 89 bed facility by The entire process significantly reduced the stay in the hospital for the patients and facilitated their early return to their jobs. It was also the cheapest option available to the patients.

Besides, the entire experience of staying in the hospital itself was a pleasant experience for the patients. This had also led to the expansion of the hospital from a modest beginning into a modern facility which carried out operations in The Shouldice technique enabled the patients to resume their normal routine and jobs in a much shorter period of time one to four weeks as compared to other hospitals two to eight weeks.

Standardisation of operating procedures which led to efficient utilisation of the medical staff and other resources. Doctors could conduct operations in a year as compared to 25 to 50 operations per year in other hospitals.

Analysis of whipps cross hospital essay

Experienced doctors and nursing staff through careful recruitment philosophy wherein experience, good education, knowledge about domestic situation, personal interest and habits consciously avoiding people with drinking and drug problemsand their willingness to adhere to the shouldice technique were evaluated to match their value systems with that of the hospital.

And encouraging interaction and recreational activities amongst the patients and also with the hospital staff made the stay of the patients a pleasant experience. Matching of roommates based on similar background and the scheduling of their operation at the same time are examples and care exerted to create a friendly and warm environment which is believed to lead to faster recuperation.

They developed feeling of belongingness to the hospital during the stay. Unique recuperating techniques that stressed upon ambulation led to minimizing the cost by cutting down on various post operative patient care activities such as the reduction in laundries, common dining areas, common recreational facilities etc.

Offering the cheapest option for treatment of hernia in the region. Ensuring uninterrupted workflow through measures such as flexibility in the use of administrative staff High reliability of Hernia operation with very small recurrence rate of 0. Motivated doctors and nurses due to higher salaries and profit sharing systems in the form of bonuses compared to other hospitals in the region, greater leisure and reasonable workload leading to sense of belongingness amongst the doctors and nurses leading to low turnovers.

Encouraging group cohesiveness and clan type of coordination mechanism within the organisation leading to greater operational efficiency. The above factors resulted in tremendous credibility for the Shouldice Hospital which positioned it in the market as a hospital which ensured cost effective, reliable, caring and responsive service to the hernia patients.

The success of the Shouldice hospital is reflected through its profitability as shown below: Financial implication is discussed below. Thus, the entire cost is recovered in the first year itself.

Thus, this alternative is profitable. Moreover, this alternative also reduces backlog. Ensuring the same level of quality of service will be an issue as workload on the staff and doctors will increase.

Adding an additional operating day on Saturday is also a valid consideration.

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It would utilize idle plant capacity. This is discussed in the table given below. Financial implication of this alternative is discussed below. This alternative is profitable and it also reduces backlog. Ensuring the same level of quality of service will be an issue as workload on the staff and doctors will increase and in fact some of the senior doctors and staff are opposed to it.

Opening new centre in Canada or in US can be considered. However the point to consider is whether to have it as complete hospital or clinic services centre which would act as screening centre for patient requiring surgery.

This would reduce the time spent on non-operation activities by the surgeons. In order to meet the unmet market demand the option of adopting franchisee model on revenue sharing basis could also be explored.

The main hospital could help set up these franchisees by providing the standardised procedures and training the doctors and other staff. These franchisees can cater to the requirements of profitability and reduction of backlog. However, the biggest constraint in such an approach is that the same level of quality as the main hospital will be extremely difficult to replicate.

Hence, this option is not a viable proposition. Given the fact that the hospital is a profitable business entity and has a strong reputation in the market of a quality medical service provider there could be a strong inclination to maintain status quo.

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In view of these facts there may not be an immediate stimulus for tampering with the existing setup.Patton-Fuller Sensitivity Analysis Essay Sample.

According to Health Affairs, “Several trends in hospital use and staffing patterns have converged to create potentially hazardous conditions for patient safety” (Rogers, Hwang, Scott, Aiken, & Dinges, , p.

1). Whipps Cross Hospital, London (George ). There is unnecessary hospital admissions and improving patient care for those discharged directly from A&E. The occupational The audit was a retrospective case-note analysis of all the patients referred to the service.

A data collection sheet was. Whipps Cross University Hospital NHS Trust indicated that it was in the worse performing 20% of trusts with regard to patients being involved in decisions about care and in the intermediate 60% of trusts in terms of call button response.

The Irregular Work Shift Pattern Nursing Essay. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: Hospital wards for example, need to be staffed 24 hours, 7 days a week, often with limited number of nurses (Clark and Walker, ).

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The statistician will assist in the statistical analysis. Computer software called Statistical Package for Social. Chest Clinic, Whipps Cross Hospital, London E11 1NR National Asthma and Respiratory Training Centre, Warwick CV34 4AB General Practice Airways Group, Department of General Practice and Primary Care, University of Aberdeen, Foresterhill Health Centre, Aberdeen AB25 2AY.

Shouldice hospital offers an enriched and comfortable experience for patients accepted into the program for hernia operations.

As soon as they arrive at the hospital they are interacted with very closely.

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