Assignment 1 financial planning

May 25, Sub: CFO of the hospital should consider this aspect, while developing the financial plan for the next year because it may influence the financial position of hospital. CFO will develop the financial plans on the basis of assumption about what will happen in the physical world. This means, it is based on practical knowledge of the business environment.

Assignment 1 financial planning

For this assignment you are required to complete the following tasks: In your assessment workbook: The information and resources that can assist you in answering the questions in this assignment can be primarily sourced from the Foundations of Financial Planning text and the sample case study.

Some data will have to be externally sourced, but the assignment template will clearly indicate where this is necessary. Although the case study may indicate that the client does not wish to have advice provided about a specific area, you need still to evaluate the situation, provide clear reasons as to why, or why not, review the area, and make referrals to specialists if necessary in the relevant sections of the template.

You do not have to provide retirement planning calculations and recommendations. However, you must consider the appropriateness of all the investments held by Jessica. If you recommend any change to her current asset allocation including those in her superannuation fundyou must explain why this action is appropriate.

Assignment 1 financial planning

That is, why there is a need to change the asset allocation, or to replace or sell an investment. However, this area still needs to be examined. If your analysis shows that she requires additional insurance and could benefit from a review, you should advise her of this. Alternatively, clearly explain why you believe her current cover is sufficient.

More information regarding requirements for providing advice is included throughout the assignment. Word count The word count shown with each question is purely indicative.

You may exceed the word count by a minimal amount, however, please do not include additional information which is outside the scope of the question.

The Jessica Bigge case study The case study steps you through the financial planning process, from initial contact with Jessica Bigge, to the development and documentation of a financial strategy as an SOA to meet her needs. Fact finder and risk profile The fact finder for Jessica and her risk profile are provided.

You will find these in Appendix 1. The data in these documents has been used to complete some of the sections in the SOA. You will need to refer to these documents to complete the financial position tables for your client.

Submitting the assignment You must submit your completed assignment in a compatible Microsoft Word document.

Assignment 1 financial planning

You need to save and submit this entire document — not just Appendix 2: Financial planning questions assessment workbook. Do not remove any sections of the document.Jun 19,  · Financial Accounting Objectives Identify the roles of accountants in business Identify the components of a balance sheet Identify the components of an income statement Identify the components of a cash flow statement Identify the components of a budget Explain the use of various financial ratios Explain specific issues related to international accounting Assignment Overview This.

Prepare a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation in which you describe the relationship between strategic and financial planning.

Describe some of the key activities that are a part of both processes. PLANNING PROCESS 2 Assignment 1: The Financial Planning Process The current financial situation of Jan and Bill Smith doesn’t quite have them where they want to be in life financially.

By reviewing their strengths and weaknesses I can provide them with some measurable financial goals. And get them on a reasonable budget plan that they can stick with.. Then hopefully they might be able to.

BA Financial Accounting, Week 1 Assignment Application Problems Chapter 1 and 2. Complete: Exercises A through A on p. 33; How can this be useful when planning future operations?


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Application Assignment 3: Financial Planning. MATH , Spring Overview Financia Inc.

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would like to contract your services due to internal scheduling conflicts. They have consulted you to compile a financial plan for their client, Mr.


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