Celtic studies essay

Note that you must take different seminars in each semester. You cannot, for example, take EN All lectures modules for Semester 1 will begin on Monday 10th September Selection will be based on the submission of a Proposal, due in December

Celtic studies essay

Today it brings me great pleasure to announce an essay contest to give away 41 books on Celtic studies. Banner to the heroic god Lugh in Temple of the River, early Temple of the River, where I used to teach, closed its doors in June.

However, over the seven years it was open it amassed a significant library.

Celtic studies essay

Rogue Priest and Temple of the River are now teaming up to sponsor an essay contest to give the entire library to one lucky winner. I helped found Temple of the River in Our temple practiced the Old Belief, a polytheistic tradition based on the pre-Christian beliefs of Ireland.

We want to see the books go to someone who will put them to good use, either in their own study and practice or as part of a larger organization. To that end, the Celtic Library Contest is soliciting essays.

Each essay must be no more than 6 pages long and should describe a specific project personal or organizational that the books and the knowledge they contain will be used for.

Celtic studies essay

Other judges have been invited as well. All of us have a strong interest in historical authenticity, accurate reconstruction of ancient practices, and continuity of tradition.

Based on the projects described in the essays, we will choose one visionary winner to receive the collection of books free of charge, with free shipping. Essays are due in by January 15, and we hope to announce a winner by Imbolc Jan.

The library includes a moderate collection of respected, high-quality books on Celtic Studies, Celtic lore and traditions, Indo-European religion, and related topics. A total of 41 books are included in the library. To enter, read the contest rules and get an application cover sheet here.

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The legends A mother had her child taken from the cradle by elves. In its place they laid a changeling with a thick head and staring eyes who would do nothing but eat and drink.

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