Checkers john marsden essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. This is exactly what John Marsden, the author, tried to make clear in the novel. The novel is about 7 teenagers that were forced to live in the bush because of the invaders that took over their country.

Checkers john marsden essay

His first dim memories, however, are of the small Victorian country town of Kyneton to which his parents moved when John was two. In those days the iceman still delivered to families without refrigerators, cooking was done on a fuel stove, and no-one had television. John began school there and perhaps it was there that he acquired his liking for country living, a liking which has never left him.

In the family moved to Devonport on the green north coast of Tasmania. For four years John attended Devonport Primary School, where his interest in reading and writing first became marked. He developed into a prodigious reader, exhausting both the school library and the town library.


An inspiring teacher in Grade 4 motivated John and a friend to produce a class newspaper, which gave him an early taste for publication.

His first stories were imitations of his favourite authors, W. John was among a very small group of boys who managed to graduate from school without a single military award or promotion, but he won a number of academic prizes, including one for a 40, word essay written for a competition in Year During these years he continued to read extensively, and to experiment with writing, but it was not until he was twenty-eight that he found a career which suited him — that of teaching.

In nine years at Geelong Grammar he spent four years at Timbertop and five in Geelong. During a three-week vacation from school John wrote a short novel that he thought might be publishable. Albert read it and gave it to a new Sydney publisher, Walter McVitty Books, who eventually made an offer for it.

After some editorial work on the manuscript, it was published in with the new title So Much To Tell You.

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So Much To Tell You was based on two true stories. Marina was an amalgam of two people, a mute girl of fourteen whom John had met in Sydney inand the Victorian woman Kay Nesbitt, whose face had been badly damaged by a shotgun blast.

The book quickly attracted favourable attention, but no-one could have predicted the success in store for it, least of all the six publishers who had originally rejected it.

The early recognition of So Much To Tell You encouraged John to begin a new book, a comedy in the Australian larrikin tradition of Ginger Meggs and Lennie Lower, but written for contemporary teenagers. It had its origins in many sources: The powerful response of young people to The Journey — it is in its eleventh printing — has confirmed their ability to grapple with the most complex issues.

It began, according to John, in the shower — a useful place for inspiration.

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He wrote the first few pages while still dripping. Staying Alive in Year 5 is a book which has been one of his most successful and popular. It is now in its fourteenth printing. ByJohn was finding it increasingly difficult to juggle his teaching and writing careers, and it became obvious that one would have to give way.

He took leave from teaching for a term and wrote his fifth book, Out Of Time, which was published the same year.

Checkers John Marsden Essay

It was a book which used discontinuous narrative to give a sense of lost and alienated people moving through a timeless landscape. John returned to teaching for the remainder of the year, but then resigned to take up the offer of a residency at the Keesing Studio for Australian Writers, in Paris.Welcome › Forums › Welcome › Checkers John Marsden Essay Writing – Checkers Book Summary and Study Guide.

John Marsden Booklist John Marsden Message Board. Detailed plot synopsis reviews of Checkers; There is the main character in the book who is female, she remains nameless throughout the book.

She lives in the Mental hospital after her family is continually pestered by the media because her father is the. Welcome › Forums › Welcome › Checkers John Marsden Essay Writing – Essay Writing Guide.

Learn the art of brilliant essay writing with help from our teachers. Book review of "Checkers" by John Marsden Checkers b) John Marsden c) Drama 2. The book is about A teenage girl, of whom the name is not said in the book, that lives in a hospital for mentally ill teenagers.

Checkers john marsden essay

In the past she was a bright. My Essay. Discuss the main similarities in themes and ideas that are common to John Marden’s books. John Marsden is a popular author for teenagers. John Marsden’s novel Checkers follows the story of an unnamed teenage girl situated in a mental hospital. From here she recalls her story through flashbacks of being trapped in a life, hammered by the media, due to her father getting caught up in a tremendous business scandal.

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