Cnn foxnews msnbc comparison

Could be the spark that ignites a race war…. Reuters — Hundreds of police officers wearing bulletproof vests were deployed at the University of Florida on Thursday to guard against unrest over a speech by a white nationalist that was expected to draw thousands in protest.

Cnn foxnews msnbc comparison

Would love to see the fact check site you got this from CNN gets caught lying all the time. Mark wrote on February Yes they do lie all the time and are so slanted I cannot stand to watch it!

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Lisa wrote on April kudos What show are you watching? I tried, but then I actually researched what they said, and Fox is propaganda! Both seem to be corrupt to me. I am an American first.

Lying is lying when it comes from either!

Cnn foxnews msnbc comparison

Whoever says fox doesnt include both sides is flat out lying, they all do that. They invite the other side and try to make them look bad. This is how they all work.

That said, cnn msnbc ect give the most blatant bs arguments and stories that its a wonder how they fool people. If you fall for leftist propaganda you are essentially religious. They sell oppression and prohibit questioning, even in matters of science, which strictly contradicts the whole point of science, the limitation of bias.

Fox has its issues but it is far better than the rest of MSM. Those of you who talk about fact checking, clearly dont realize you are doing so on leftist establishment sites. But again, its hard to explain this to someone who cannot see through snopes, ect. They are just as biased as the rest but they act as if they are not.

Snopes, for instance, has been caught labeling mostly false when a rep says the exact statement a "mostly true" dem did.

To clarify, if i made damning statement A about a conspiracy that could be supported by evidence, they would chose tbe person giving bs argument B to "debunk" and discredit the whole conspiracy. Considering this govt has been caught using disinfo agents, this could go hand in hand any time.

Ultimately, i dont trust any of them but fox is certainly the better of these prkpaganda outlets. They have never been caught falsifying and staging news in the ways that cnn has.

People who say otherwise are simply not being objective but the footage doesnt lie.

WH Advisor Obamacare Architect Calls American Voters Stupid To Many Audiences!

That is a recipe for disaster and only a fool doesnt realize that. Just a few years ago those people preached border strengthening. My my how they flip. Dont get caught up in this dialectic, the establishment works from both sides.

This 2 party system is largly a dialectic facade to divide while obamas hug and kuss bushes like family. Rachel maddow was at a choked up loss for words over the children but claps for bombs in syria?

Mccain forbid trump from his funeral but had henry kissinger of all evil, to memorialize him? Mccain, the man who cheated on his wife after she waited 5.

The man who physically assaulted numerous other politicians, lied about his time as a songbird in vietnam, lied about building a wall to be reelected in Az, then went back to his ways of writing and signing every amnesty bill that came his way.

Opposed a mlk day until he ran for pres, oh and lets not forget, killed abt people on carrier when a bomb supposedly dropped from his plane, injuring another That man destroyed more planes than the vc id bet, and im not just referring to the carrier fire.


See thrkugh the facade people. I hate trump for all his lies, lack of empathy and just the ridiculous things he says, mostly the arrogance and the bold faced lies!The fact of the matter is that MSNBC, while having it's fair share of outliers, isn't like CNN or FOX in the sense that they slew the news to manipulate their target audience.

Yes, their reporters and commentators are biased, but they don't deliberately change footage or quotes to match a hidden agenda of there's.

Fox News Channel finished No. 1 in all of basic cable in both primetime and total day viewers for the week of Aug. 1, while MSNBC beat CNN for the 11th time in In September alone, Fox News aired 7 hours and 32 minutes of live coverage from Trump events, compared to CNN, which aired 5 hours and 18 minutes of Trump events, and MSNBC, which aired 5 hours.

President Donald Trump and his administration are engaged in an unprecedented war on the press, which began during his presidential campaign and continued into the transition and his. Fox News Comments was created to expose the audience that Fox News caters to.

Every comment is posted as it was shown on or Some of what you read will make you laugh, some of what you read will shock you. If you are not hearing about or seeing these major stories on your favorite main stream Media Channels including ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN and CSNBC there is a MAJOR reason.

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