Deer hunting with jesus essay

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Deer hunting with jesus essay

Returning in after thirty years of being a big city liberal, Bageant took a fresh look at the way of life of his youth. Bageant takes a few good licks at blue-state liberal condescension toward a people and a way of life with which they have little experience and which they understand not at all.

He reserves his deepest scorn, and his greatest resentment, for the social forces that oppress millions of the working poor — chief among these is the woeful standard of education, which Bageant believes is a purposeful strategy of the middle and upper business classes, Deer hunting with jesus essay most efficient way to keep the lower class low.

So settle in for more than a few of the good parts. It is in the interest of these well-heeled conservative provincials to maintain a feudal state with low taxes, few or no local regulations, no unions, a cheap school system, and a chamber of commerce with the state senate on its speed dial.

They recite what they have absorbed from the atmosphere. You are brain dead, so a couple of evenings a week you stop at Royal Lunch and pour beer on the dead brain.

The Republican message, baloney though it is, was accessible …. The Deep-Fried, Double-Wide Lifestyle The reality is that our economy now consists of driving million vehicles around the suburbs and malls and eating fried chicken.

It has been an orgy so glorious and unholy, so mindless that we have now eaten our seed crop in our spiraling consumerism. Our political masters look the other way.

The Republicans have proclaimed the entire disastrous mess to be the lifestyle we are entitled to as Americans, and therefore nonnegotiable. Valley of the Gun: Black Powder and Buckskin in Heartland America Every one of them owns at least one gun, and most own several.

Most would die for or kill for America as they understand it.

Deer hunting with jesus essay

Which is a damned shame because the way they understand it is through the purposefully clouded lens of the Fox News Network and the jingoistic history they learned in school.

Few honestly grasp that there are other nations in the world, other value systems. True, some have been abroad, but generally within the controlled environment of the military. To the working people I grew up with, sophistication of any and all types, and especially urbanity, is suspect.

Hell, those city people have never even fired a gun. Bush probably knows a good goose gun when he sees one.

Guns are everyday tools, like Skil saws and barbecue grills. They Plead upon the Blood of Jesus for a Theocratic State … [S]ome evangelicals stand apart from the mainstream in one important way.

Others believe we are rapidly entering the End Times and the fulfillment of the darkest Biblical prophecies. Unlike public schools or civic organizations, the fundamentalist church is one of the few social structures still functioning in America. One look at Brother Charlie casting a demon out of a Camaro engine block tells the story.

Working-class whites have always been evangelical Protestants. Abu Ghraib, or maybe something even worse an RPG up the shorts, for instancewas always her destiny. Nearly half of the three thousand Americans killed thus far in Iraq are from small towns like hers, like mine.

Money is always the best whip to use on the laboring classes. An Unauthorized Place to Die: People like Dot are treated as inconsequential, matter-of-factly insulted b y doctors, lawyers, and administrators who might not even realize they are doing it.

It I dress down and drop a few consonants, the same thing happens to me. All of this is dictated, of course, by access to higher education, which is mostly determined by economic status. Half the nation depends entirely on the government for help when they grow old.

Deer hunting with jesus essay

They paid in advance for that help. But … our sprawling medical system sees its purpose as seizing market share instead of curing people. The fact is that many of them cannot see outside that zone at all.A six-page excerpt from Deer Hunting with Jesus: Dispatches from America's Class War is available in PDF format and can be downloaded from "Deer Hunting with Jesus" is Joe Bageant's account of returning to his hometown of Winchester, Virginia, after leaving many years prior.

D.H.W.J. is a quick and easy read that notes several things many readers can relate to across the US. In addition to the attitudes Bageant observes, is one. Joe Bageant has portrayed the life of America’s working class through his book Deer Hunting with Jesus.

The book seeks answers to the question of why the American working class continues to vote for the Republicans when the party has done nothing to alleviate its poor supporters from their sufferings.

Review: Deer Hunting With Jesus by Joe BageantLynsey Hanley applauds an angry indictment of the US class system that dare not speak its name. Deer Hunting with Jesus is a deliciously vicious and wickedly funny chronicle of a thinking man’s life in God’s own backwoods.” —Jeffrey St.

Clair, author of Grand Theft Pentagon and co-editor of CounterPunch. Deer Hunting With Jesus takes Thomas Frank’s dazzlingly smart book, What’s the Matter With Kansas?, to the next level.

Like Frank, Joe Bageant writes about his home state (Virginia) and.

Deer Hunting with Jesus: Dispatches from America's Class War by Joe Bageant