Essay about the stomach

The treatment for stomach spasms will depend on the underlying cause. Home remedies Staying hydrated and drinking sports drinks in moderation may be recommended to treat stomach spasms. Many people get relief from stomach spasms with home remedies. Pregnant women should speak with their doctor before using home remedies, as they may not be suitable or safe for use during pregnancy.

Essay about the stomach

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In Belgium, only about 25 percent of the houses are let to tenants, the rest are lived in by their owners. If you still are a tenant after your student years, you are considered a failure. True Belgians marry young, start a family, buy or build a house as soon as they possibly can and then keep on living in it and paying for it for most of the rest of their lives.

A property in Belgium is sold only every 35 years compared to every 10 years in Anglo-Saxon countries. Our favourite pastime is minding our own business and the place we like best to practice this is our home, which we consider to be our castle — and our bunker.

Kevin Faingnaert The Belgians have made a habit of expressing their individuality through their houses. We therefore prefer to construct them from scratch, each one unique and custom-built, rather than buy existing ones, even though, thanks to the fact that our small country is almost full up, this is becoming increasingly difficult.

Perhaps the desire to scare off others might explain why we have made a principle of building our houses as ugly as possible. A trip through Belgium rapidly confirms that the Belgian attitude towards the classical architectural canon is somewhat anarchic.

We also prefer to tackle the job of building ourselves, literally, with the help of all hands available, and in a makeshift manner. And since the material is so easy to handle, cheap and versatile, we also prefer to construct using what we already have in our stomachs: Admittedly, since Belgian property is built for the long term, the constructive quality of the houses is very high.

But it is often also much more eccentric than it is innovative, a pastiche of architectural styles that is not unlike the comic strips in which we also excel.

Added to this is our obsession for lintbebouwing or ribbon building: Not that most of us Belgians have a problem with that.

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When in one of the leading Belgian avant-garde architects Renaat Braem wrote a book about his home country, he scornfully named it The Ugliest Country in the World — a title that was quickly turned into an epithet that Belgians have been quoting with great pride ever since.

Alternative housing types such as co-housing, kangaroo- or multigenerational living still remain exceptions.

Owners in Belgium therefore enjoy some very interesting tax benefits compared to other countries: This may leave the reader wondering whether we have any architects at all in Belgium.

Their number, 7, according to the latest count, is even extremely high per capita compared with neighbouring countries — partly due to the fact that and this may come as a surprise you are obliged to hire one when you build in Belgium.

The number of public commissions reflects the power of the government in Belgium, however. So if you want to make it as an architect, you have to concentrate on the private sector. But that quickly changed when Modernism exalted other, less bourgeois, values.

Little has changed since. After a career as a journalist and media-manager, he became director of the Interieur Foundation in Kortrijk, and art director of designbrussels.

He also wrote and curated numerous books and exhibitions on art, architecture, fashion and design. He also currently teaches Design Theory at the Fachhochschule Potsdam. Many Belgian architects today limit their creative input almost exclusively to signing off a design, after streamlining the clients own plans a bit.

All that might change though, now that attention has shifted towards the vernacular with DIY and Maker cultures comfortably installing themselves at the core of a new canon at the service of the client. Luca Beel Not surprisingly, the brick — cheap, versatile, modular, anonymous and commonplace — plays a central role in the design work of these small and flexible studios.

Launched by Hannes Coudenys four years ago, with photographs of houses across Belgium, the site attracts millions of visitors per year, from all over the world.

Essay about the stomach

This of course makes us Belgians all the more happy.The stomach is a bean-shaped sack located behind the lower ribs.

It is the first stop in the digestive tract before food moves on to the small intestine. Stomach: Facts, Functions & Diseases.

Before stomach acid is released into the stomach, the stomach has a pH between and When the stomach acid enters the stomach, it drops the pH to a range of to Pepsin only activates in this acidic pH range, so if there isn’t enough stomach acid, the activation of pepsin, and the resulting protein digestion, would be impossible.

Essay on Acid in the Stomach Words | 5 Pages. Acid in the human stomach When people refer to acid they usually see it as a corrosive liquid that can dissolve metals or change the color of a substance.

An explanation essay is a descriptive essay that examines a process, vent, or idea and explains how it work or what it is. You will be writing an explanation essay of a process. Essaytagger new update 3d version of the stomach.

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Stomach Histophysiology The enlarged segment of the digestive tube between the esophagus and the small intestines is termed the stomach, and is located in .

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