Extensionless url rewriting asp net mvc

However, some developers have discovered that while this works with no additional configuration on the ASP. The Cause The cause of the problem is related to when a managed module is invoked on an incoming request.

Extensionless url rewriting asp net mvc

Do you find URLs like http: Or maybe you have a bunch of Web pages that were moved from one directory or website to another, resulting in broken links for visitors who have bookmarked the old URLs.

Deploying timberdesignmag.com MVC on timberdesignmag.com - Scott Hanselman You can learn about IIS 6 compression feature and how to configure it properly from Solution is to use an HttpModule to do the compression for dynamic requests.
Free courses The module helps you tighten security of your Web servers.
Recent Posts Tweet When you develop a web application, you often need to add some redirection rules.

In this article we'll look at using URL rewriting to shorten those ugly URLs to meaningful, memorable ones, by replacing http: We'll also see how URL rewriting can be used to create an intelligent error.

URL rewriting is the process of intercepting an incoming Web request and redirecting the request to a different resource. In this article we'll examine the techniques available to ASP. Before we delve into the technological specifics of URL rewriting, let's first take a look at some everyday scenarios where URL rewriting can be employed.

extensionless url rewriting asp net mvc

NET websites often results in a single Web page that displays a subset of the database's data based on querystring parameters.

For example, in designing an e-commerce site, one of your tasks would be to allow users to browse through the products for sale. To facilitate this, you might create a page called displayCategory.

The category's products to view would be specified by a querystring parameter. That is, if the user wanted to browse the Widgets for sale, and all Widgets had a had a CategoryID of 5, the user would visit: There are two downsides to creating a website with such URLs.


First, from the end user's perspective, the URL http: Are easy to type. Visualize the site structure. I would add to that list that URLs should also be easy to remember. A better approach is to allow for a sensible, memorable URL, such as http: By just looking at the URL you can infer what will be displayed—information about Widgets.

extensionless url rewriting asp net mvc

The URL is easy to remember and share, too. I can tell my colleague, "Check out yoursite. Try doing that with, say, an Amazon. The URL also appears, and should behave, "hackable.

To view the posts for January 28,one visits a URL like http: If the URL is hacked down to http: Cutting it down further to http: In addition to simplifying URLs, URL rewriting is also often used to handle website restructuring that would otherwise result in numerous broken links and outdated bookmarks.

Its task is to generate the content for the requested resource. For example, if a request comes in for a Web page named Info.

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Note that the ASP. Configured mappings for file extensions A thorough discussion of how IIS manages incoming requests is a bit beyond the scope of this article. It's important to understand that the ASP. For example, IIS attempts to authenticate the user making the request and determine if the authenticated user has authorization to access the requested file.

During the lifetime of handling a request, IIS passes through several states. ISAPI extensions are designed to generate the response for a request to a particular file type. ISAPI filters can intercept and even modify the incoming and outgoing data.

IIS Request Filtering and URL Rewriting | Microsoft Docs

ISAPI filters have numerous applications, including: The similarities arise because the ASP. Raises events as it processes a request.We are creating SPA technique using AngularJS in timberdesignmag.com MVC framework,AngularJS routing between pages are working fine when it's run from VS,but after hosting the application in to IIS routing not working.

timberdesignmag.com MVC performance with extensionless url on IIS 6 We are getting ready to do a an initial deployment of an timberdesignmag.com MVC app on IIS 6 running on Windows Server timberdesignmag.com v has a new feature, when hosted on IIS 7, that enables the execution of extensionless URLs.

This feature has a dependency on a QFE from IIS that enables extensionless handler mappings. See KB for more information and a link to download the fix.

ASP MVC 2 handlers for extensionless urls in IIS not working | Programming Languages

This basically will catch any route that has not been defined before it and will treat it as a username so /eibrahim would go to the view action on the user’s controller.

Dec 31,  · In timberdesignmag.com MVC, the tilde notation in the timberdesignmag.comt method or the timberdesignmag.comLink method produces the original URLs regardless of the IIS URL rewrite rules.

However, in Web Pages Razor V2, the tilde notation in URLs maps to the rewritten URLs when the IIS URL rewriting module is . Feb 02,  · How To Use URL Rewriting for Extensionless WCF Svc Services with Helicon Tech ISAPI Rewrite by James Richards February 02, Recently I was working on a WCF Service and wanted to serve it up with extensionless URLs.

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