History of braces and orthodontics essay

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History of braces and orthodontics essay

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A Research on the Effectiveness of Dental Braces | Essay Example More and more people are being enticed to join the race to the top and get onto the fitness lane, look as much muscular as possible with all the nerves popping out.
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A Research on the Effectiveness of Dental Braces | Essay Example Braces are used to correct crooked teeth, overbites, under bites, deep bites, cross bites, malocclusions, open bites and numerous other faults of the teeth.
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Essay Every Day: Braces Changed My Life Unfortunately, due to the lack of public access to private prison contracts, most of the details are unknown.

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Order your paper at affordable prices with livepaperhelp. Braces Changed My Life As I looked at my reflection in the mirror, I realized that my teeth were not like the rest of in kids in my forth grade class. I was a kid with crooked, overlapping teeth.

I was the type of kid that loved to smile, yet I was afraid to show it. When I got my braces taken off, it changed my life because I became more confident, I was not afraid to smile, and most importantly my social life improved. To begin with, braces changed my life because I became more confident.

Although my crooked teeth werent solely to blame for my shyness, they played a huge role. For example my peers always tormented me and called me names such as monster, and brace face.

When they would call me these names my feelings would get hurt and my self-esteem would become lower and lower. All this made it very hard to make and keep friends.

This made a lot of my early years very unpleasant. In addition, this experience made it unpleasant for me to make friends, because no matter what, my classmates would still make fun of me behind my back. With this, my confidence was drag down so deep that it took me years to regain my confidence.

Ever since I could remember I always wanted a beautiful smile. Before I got my braces on, I was always afraid of smiling. Every year my mom would get mad at me because I refused to smile in my school pictures.

In addition to me being more confident, braces changed my life because I wasnt afraid to show my teeth. Now, while I talk I no longer have to be concerned about people staring at my crooked teeth as well as my smile.

Now when I look in the mirror, I feel the joy inside my heart, instead of grief that hunted me through my childhood years. More important them me being more confident and smiling more often, braces changed my life because I was able to develop my social skills.

Lacking secure social skills, it was hard for me to make friends.

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I never thought that anybody would ever want to talk to me, but I guess it was all in my head. My straightened teeth rejuvenated my spirit in making friends. I gained a stronger, more colorful personality to go with a beautiful new smile. With that I became a more outgoing person.

Even though I felt less social pressure and I gained more communication skills. I found that previous hard work combined with social difficulty helped me reach success in a better way that improved my social skills. Getting braces for me was a life-changing event, I dont know what I would have done without them.

They helped me become more confident in myself by giving me the challenge to became who I am. Furthermore, braces gave me a fantastic smile, which I can share with the whole world. Finally, I can have a social life, with a new look that gave me a new personality. To sum this up, simply braces changed my life forever.

History of braces and orthodontics essay

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For example my peers always tormented me and called me names such as monster, and brace . Mini-braces offer a smaller less noticeable version of traditional braces, but cannot be used on all patients.

Brackets are places on the front of teeth and can be stainless steel, ceramic, or plastic. What orthodontic treatments are the most effective?

Although the most useful orthodontic treatment is tradition braces, Invisalign, veneers, laser treatments, orthodontic surgery, dental bonding, and extracting or implanting can also enhance the appearance of teeth without the hassle of braces.

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History of braces and orthodontics essay

In fact, the history of braces is a long one, with roots that stretch from the crude metal bands of antiquity to the impressive colorful versions of today. The First Orthodontists According to the American Association of Orthodontists, the history of braces reaches back to ancient Egyptian times.

Analyses of a Career as a Dentist - Dentists are often thought of as people to be feared. Most people try to put off going to the dentist until their teeth hurt so much that they have no choice but to .

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