How to write army memorandums

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How to write army memorandums

The "punishment" for failing to apply for such a Certificate would have been imprisonment up to five years or a fine, or both. Please help keep us informed; if you are aware of pending initiatives, write to ICNL at ngomonitor icnl.

Barriers to Entry The Association Registration Law envisions a decentralized registration system implemented by the Ministry of Home Affairs MoHAwith six registration committees, including at the Union national level, region or state level, Nay Pyi Taw Council level, self-administered region or state level, divisional level, and township level.

Domestic associations may apply at any level, based on their anticipated territorial sphere of activities. International NGOs must apply for registration with the Union registration committee. Among the most significant changes introduced by the ARL is the replacement of the mandatory registration system with a voluntary registration system.

For applicants at the divisional and township levels, there are no fees.

how to write army memorandums

While the new ARL removes several key barriers to registration by providing for voluntary registration, simplifying registration documents required, and providing for certain safeguards e.

While the ARL imposes no such requirement, there is concern that the implementing rules could super-impose such additional requirements into the registration process. The decentralized registration system, while seemingly a positive means of facilitating access, raises concerns about the consistency of implementation across the numerous registration committees While it is laudable for the ARL to set a fixed time period for the review of registration decisions, a time period of 90 days for union-level review relevant for those associations seeking to operate nationally may be excessively long.

The registration certificate is valid only for a limited time period and must be renewed every 5 years. Article 20 Barriers to Operational Activity Prior to the current transition period and the enactment of the Association Registration Law, associations were subject to harassment by governmental authorities.

A key barrier to operational activity is the territorial limitation implied by the multi-tiered system of registration committees. The submission of the annual report is necessary in order to renew the registration certificate every 5 years.

While domestic associations are not required to pay any kind of renewal fee, international NGOs must pay the prescribed registration fee. Furthermore, the ARL requires associations to secure governmental permission where the association changes its approved activities Article 33 ; and requires association to inform governmental authorities in writing of changes in membership, including the voluntary resignation or death of members.

With the Censorship Board abolished inindividuals are now criticizing the government and CSOs are advocating for politically unpopular causes. In addition, CSOs have more opportunity to contribute to law and policy making. However, there are restrictive laws that are being used to hinder the freedom of expression.

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Unfortunately, the Law also contains a number of provisions that impermissibly restrict the freedom of expression. For example, Article 66 d prohibits using a telecommunications network to extort, coerce, defame, disturb, cause undue influence or threaten any person.

In addition, the Telecom Law, Article 77, authorizes the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology to order the suspension of telecom services in emergency situations. However, there are no criteria as to what can trigger such a suspension.

This allows the government to shut down internet and mobile communications arbitrarily, which often immediately precedes crackdowns on peaceful demonstrators or other human rights violations. Barriers to International Contact There is no legal impediment to contact and cooperate with colleagues in civil society, business and government sectors, either within or outside the country.

how to write army memorandums

Since latemost websites can be visited from inside Myanmar. That said, the Electronic Transactions Act remains in force, and has been used to impede the freedom of expression, as mentioned above.

With a registration number and copy of its registration certificate, an NGO may also open an organizational bank account in a private bank. Previously, there was no clear law or regulation affirming the right to conduct income-generating activity. In Novemberhowever, the Myanmar Microfinance Law was adopted to provide a framework for the licensing and operation of microfinance institutions in Myanmar.

The law is a crucial step toward providing the poor and marginalized with financial services. Barriers to Assembly Inthe Peaceful Assembly and Peaceful Procession Act came into force, providing partial protection for the freedom of assembly.

The Act proved problematic, however, as it required prior authorization from the respective police station. Where assemblies proceeded without authorization, the notorious Article 18 was used to arrest and imprison organizers and protestors. Some CSOs, including the prominent 88 Generation Students, initiated broad-based public consultation and advocacy process against the Act.

In Junethe Parliament adopted amendments to the Act.Alfred George "Alfie" Hinds ( – 5 January ) was a British criminal who, while serving a year prison sentence for robbery, broke out of three high security timberdesignmag.come the dismissal of thirteen of his appeals to higher courts, he was eventually able to gain a .

CHAPTER 5 SOME SPECIFIC GUIDANCE ON ARMY CORRESPONDENCE 1. Regulation , Preparing and Managing Correspondence, gives specific guidance on the many correspondence formats used by the Army. This website is a new and fun way to embrace Army Correspondence. The page “Free Writing Tool” will be your one-stop-shop for writing in the military.

Effective Writing for Army Leaders Department of the Army Pamphlet –67 History. The UPDATE printing publishes a new Department of the Army pamphlet. S u m m a r y. T h i s p a m p h l e t o u t l i n e s, f o r Require all people who write for you–.

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Organizational Forms: Associations: Registration Body: Ministry of Home Affairs: Barriers to Entry: With the enactment of the Association Registration Law in , barriers to formation and registration were significantly reduced but remain somewhat uncertain due to delays in MoHA issuing implementing rules.

Joint intelligence is rapidly evolving into a "pull down" system When the JTF pulls, the strings reach to the top. --Joint Pub , 12 October The Army conducts operations in concert and cooperation with other services, allied or coalition forces, agencies of the US Government at all.

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