Hum115 mod 1 faculty rubric

At this time only "mature" courses those which have been taught at least 2 semesters will be selected per semester for review. Once a course is selected the instructor will be notified via email indicating "next steps" in the review process.

Hum115 mod 1 faculty rubric

Module 1 Discussion: Orientation to Online Discussion

Foundations for Curriculum Development 3 credit hours Instructor: We pray that you will be encouraged in your role as a teacher as you explore the foundational principles that inform your way of looking at students and at your tasks as a teacher.

Our concern in this course is to provide you with tools to help you make practical and God-honoring decisions regarding what to teach and how to teach.

The course begins with an emphasis on developing a Christian frame of reference, commonly called a worldview, focusing on the practical implications for the classroom of biblically-informed worldview thinking. An introduction to the nature of the learner as an image-bearer and the implications of this reality will be used to guide our development of a diagnostic tool to help you evaluate and make changes to your classroom practices as needed.

Course Description A study of the implications of a biblical worldview and of the various foundational principles that guide in the selection of goals, content, and materials in the curriculum.

Students evaluate these principles from a Christian perspective, and choose those appropriate for evaluating and changing classroom practice in day or home schools. Students then apply their biblically informed convictions.

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Candidates develop the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to become teachers who model life-long learning and faithful service to God as change-agents in society.

Develop, articulate, and apply a Christian worldview to: Foster relationships with colleagues, parents and agencies in the larger community, to support student learning and well being. Nature and Needs of Learners Student Development. Create instructional opportunities that are adapted to the needs of diverse learners, including learning differences related to culture, language, and ability.

Content and Professional Knowledge Content. Use appropriate technology in the teaching and learning process.

Plan instruction based upon knowledge of subject matter, curriculum goals and standards, student differences, and the social and cultural characteristics of the community.

Create and maintain a learning environment that encourages responsible care for others, collaborative inquiry, active engagement in learning, and self-motivation.

Understand and use formal and informal assessment strategies to evaluate and ensure the continuous intellectual, emotional, and social development of the student.

Communication Use effective communication to foster active inquiry, collaboration, and supportive interaction in the classroom. Course Goal and Objectives The goal of this course is to enable participants to articulate and to apply biblically informed foundation principles to curriculum and planning decisions.

To meet that goal, the following student objectives have been defined.

Hum115 mod 1 faculty rubric

As a result of this course, participants will: Developing a biblical view of life.blocks/attendance/ blocks/attendance/lang/fr_utf8/ blocks/attendance/lang/hu_utf8/ blocks/attendance/lang.

The Master of Science Degree Thesis Chair: Dr. Virginia Epps THE UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN-WHITEWATER April 28, I would also like to thank the faculty at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater survey scoring rubric that reflected appropriate NOS understanding and scored responses.

Academic Year Assessment Millikin University US Studies Coordinator Dan Monroe July 24, randomly selected and then assessed based on a common rubric by a team composed of 2 faculty members who teach IN, Monroe and Mullgardt, and they The City in Mod.

Faculty Syllabus; Assignment 3 - Alternative Meal Plan Due Nov 20, by For a printable version of this assignment, please see "Meal Plan Mod" Assignment 3: Meal Plan Modification Due: Assignment 3 Rubric Assignment 3 Rubric. Criteria Ratings Pts. Mental Models of School for Preschool Children 1 Faculty of Education, University of Kastamonu, Kastamonu , Turkey.

2 Faculty of Education, University of Kastamonu, Kastamonu , Turkey. according to the rubric defined in Table 1. Score distribution of rubric items is shown in Table 2.

Annual Assessment Report Department: Modern Languages Academic Year: The Department of Modern Languages worked together to adapt the AAC&U’s rubric for critical thinking.

We used the same ML faculty met over the summer to change the requirements for the Spanish major and began work on the capstone course.

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