Machiavelli and gandhi essay

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Machiavelli and gandhi essay

Friday, July 29, Compare and Contrast Essay on Gandhi and Machiavelli - Leadership Styles of Gandhi This essay seeks to compare and contrast the ideas of two great philosophers and thinkers of their generation — Mohandas Gandhi and Niccolo Machiavelli.

On Leadership In the discussion about leadership, the first thing that comes to mind is the leaders. The leaders are the people who hold power and lead the people.

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They are the presidents or the prime ministers or the military generals. One of the most recognized leaders in world history is Mohandas Gandhi. What makes him great is that he did not consider himself as a leader.

The views he espoused about leadership are also unlike the leaders of today. He was a different leader because he had no political title nor was he elected by the people. He also did not command a legion of army and soldiers nor did he have wealth.

Yet he was one of the greatest and most influential figures in history. He argued that leaders have no business enslaving and oppressing the people.

He likewise opposed use of hatred and violence by the leaders against the people. For Gandhi, the best leader is someone who avoids all hatred, violence and oppression. He used his gift of tongue and articulateness to convince the Indian society to unite and seek independence.

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Further, unlike the other leaders, Gandhi did not act and behave as leader but as a follower who made a lot of sacrifices for the people.

In stark contrast to Mohandas Gandhi is Niccolo Machiavelli. He argued that leaders should govern by force. He thought the essence of a great leader is strength and cunningness.

Machiavelli and gandhi essay

A great leader must possess the strength of a lion and the cunning of a fox. On Morality Gandhi was a famous moralist who advocated compassion, chastity, temperance, restraint and modesty.

He thought that leaders should always be guided by morality in their actions and political decision. The end goal should not be used to justify the means in reaching the end. Thus, for him use of violence is not justifiable under any circumstances.

On the other hand, Machiavelli can be considered an immoral leader. He declared that leaders should set aside morality in making political decisions and should concentrate only in ensuring that they retain their power over the people and their enemies. According to Machiavelli, political leaders should not have second thoughts especially when there is a need to employ violence and cruelty.

It must however be stressed that Niccolo Machiavelli was not a sadist leader who wanted to employ violence for its own sake. Badly used are those cruelties which, although being few at the outset, grow with the passing time instead of disappearing.

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Ahimsa is a concept that was practiced by political and ideological leader Mohandas Gandhi; a concept that he used to promote the use of non-violent tactics and passive resistance against colonial rule in India. - Mohandas Gandhi, also known as Mahatma Gandhi, was born in Gujarat, India on October 2, , and got taught law at University College, London.

Machiavelli and gandhi essay

In , Gandhi returned to India and attempted to establish a practice in Bombay, with almost no success. Synonym for essay zoom Right to life essay for me The black hole essay wars about weekend essay water cycle research expository essay about bullying?

it essay topics about process research paper to purchase essay? Comparison Of Martin Luther King Jr, Gandhi, and Machiavelli It is easy to think that Martin Luther King, Jr., and Mahatma Gandhi are right in their counsels to use power as justly and compassionately as possible and to dismiss the writings of Machiavelli as a power-hungry, dangerous fanatic.

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