Othello weaknesses essay

He is a general in the Venetian defense forces, and, although a foreigner from Africa, he has won this post by excellence in the field of war. He has courage, intelligence, the skill of command, and the respect of his troops.

Othello weaknesses essay

He is proud, a man of authority and vastly skilled in the art of war. His experience and military prowess earn him the respect of the Venetian Senate, so much so, that they entrust him with the great task of protecting the security of the state by appointing him general of the In Act one of the play, Othello is presented to us as a noble Moor, a man of royal descent, confident and eloquent.

His experience and military prowess earn him the respect of the Venetian Senate, so much so, that they entrust him with the great task of protecting the security of the state by appointing him general of the Venetian army, even though he is a foreigner. Their respect for him is further emphasised when they request his presence in Cyprus to ward off a threat by the Turkish army.

Othello is loyal to the Venetian state, a man of integrity and honour. It is therefore tragic that this highly respected general has some fatal flaws which are gradually exposed and exploited by the Machiavellian Iago.

We soon discover that Othello, as an outsider, is uncomfortable in Venice.

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This makes him insecure, naive and gullible. Since he does not entirely understand Venetian custom, he easily believes what Iago tells him about the rudiments of behaviour in Venice. He becomes fodder for Iago's manipulation, naively believing what he is told.

Othello trusts Iago emphatically, a trust that Iago gleefully abuses. We also learn, through Iago's machinations, that Othello is insecure about the age difference between he and Desdemona, his foreign status, and, to some extent, his race.

Iago's exploitation of these flaws is so complete that he turns Othello into a jealous monster intent on revenge who, in an act of misplaced loyalty, destroys the one he loves for, what he believes, is the protection of others.

Othello weaknesses essay

All these factors lead to his fall from grace and final destruction. Iago is an experienced and skilled soldier and Othello entrusts him with the duty of ensign. He is highly intelligent, worldly-wise and eloquent.

He is one who is easily trusted - clearly displayed by the faith characters have in him. It is apparent throughout, that Iago possesses an uncanny understanding of human behaviour. He is keenly observant, has a quick wit and can 'think on his feet'. These are the qualities which allow Iago to easily gain the respect of others.

Conversely though, Iago is a bitter, cynical man, intent on revenge, no matter what the cost.

Othello weaknesses essay

He is amoral, duplicitous, scheming, a master manipulator. Iago is the essence of evil. He purposefully and slyly plots the downfall of others, ruthlessly and without remorse.

It is clear that he despises the good in others and often comments about his dislike for these qualities, specifically when he refers to Othello, Desdemona and Cassio. Iago has no qualms in bringing about the downfall of those he despises, for no particular reason. Iago has no true motive for the evil he commits - a truly Machiavellian character.

He displays misogynistic tendencies when speaking about and dealing with women. It is this cornucopia of evil within Iago that compels him to plot the destruction of others and bring about his own doom.

Desdemona is a true innocent. She is a loving, caring, modest young woman who would go out of her way to help others, as is shown by her urgent attempts at trying to help Cassio regain his position. She is truly loyal to her husband and dotes on him.

At the beginning of the play we learn of her strength when she opposes her father and declares loyalty to Othello. She also later scolds Othello, telling him that she did not deserve his harsh treatment. Possibly because of custom, Desdemona appears subservient and docile to Othello and meekly bows to his authority.

She is saintly, so much so, that even when smothered by Othello, she takes responsibility. One could say that it was Desdemona's goodness and her implicit belief in the goodness of others, that led to her demise. She could not fathom that there lurked within her husband or Iago such pernicious evil and she unresistingly acquiesced to her death.Is Desdemona a figure of weakness or strength?

Essay. Shakespeare has portrayed Desdemona to have both weaknesses and strengths that make her personality appear normal - Is Desdemona a figure of weakness or strength?

Essay introduction. Desdemona does seem to be an all rounded person however it is her weaknesses, which brings about her downfall.

Free Essay: Character Analysis of Othello “Othello” is a tragedy and Othello is a tragic hero. Othello is a general in the service of Venice. He is good, courageous, brave and trustworthy. However he has some weaknesses such as insecurity; he is too open, naïve, and gullible, Iago plays on his weaknesses which brings about his downfall.

Othello: Religious Motifs BY Cherrry Relationships in which people allow themselves to be manipulated through their weaknesses are truly flawed and have a great potential for failure. These relationships can become tainted by Jealousy and rumours nurtured by deceitful individuals.

Such is the situation in Shakespeare’s Othello, which depicts the . Free Othello Essay: The Disintegration of Othello - The Disintegration of Othello Shakespeare's Othello is a play with unique characters. Arguably the contribution of Othello’s susceptibility to manipulation, his weaknesses and the manipulation of other characters tactics such as Iago each contribute to the downfall of Othello.

However. The demise of both Othello and Iago is due to each one’s weak judge of character, and poor judgement of situations. Othello falls from a position of power and nobility to a debased shadow of his former self, as a result of Iago’s cunning plans.

Yet had Othello a better sense of . Character Analysis of Othello naïve, and gullible, Iago plays on his weaknesses which brings about his downfall and he kills himself. This causes the suffering of innocent people like Desdemona, Emilia, Cassio and Roderigo.

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