Outsourcing software development

The expertise of the team and the very good communication, despite distribution of the project team, led to high quality of the produced code, while adhering to the agreed coding standards. Step by step, a close partnership was established the years to follow and in addition to highly qualitative technical, organizational and communication skills within the responsible teams, a high understanding of the needs of our target group has also been developed over the years.

Outsourcing software development

Outsourcing software development

Learn more Business Automation Disaster recovery, time tracking and invoice generation with very business-specific workflows. If you choose to outsource your enterprise app development, we can understand your business and automate it for you. Learn more eGovernment Unlike the most of IT outsourcing companies we have over 10 years of experience in e-government solutions and standards.

Learn more Healthcare Technology in the healthcare industry is evolving at an ever-accelerating pace, with new innovations brought to market on a daily basis. By hiring us to handle your healthcare IT needs, you can take advantage of the latest innovations without taking resources away from research.

Learn more Game Development Desktop, mobile or web, we create great games and memorable digital experiences of any genre. Redwerk is not your typical offshore software development company: Learn more Redwerk consists of a team of hard working software engineers, that delivers a project while keeping open communication about the development.

The people of Redwerk were, in my experience, always prompt to answer questions or make desired modifications. We were given a high level of support even long after the project was finished. Redwerk team provides that much needed personal touch, that is often found lacking in business relationships with other companies.

Even when the project scope needed to shift, they made sure to deliver exactly what I needed. I definitely recommend them for any of your custom software development needs. We worked closely with their development team in order to obtain round the clock support for mitigating software issues.

Top 3 challenges for IT outsourcing companies

Redwerk was extremely responsive and receptive to our needs regarding project management by providing feedback, participating in scheduled meetings and being available at any time of the day to respond to our emails and instant messages. We hope to work with them again in the future. Tell us about the challenge you want to solve, and we will find a digital solution.An outsourcing software development team can speed up your project.

You want to reduce operational and labor costs Renting an office, buying equipment, paying for the internet, software, and licenses, searching for and hiring the right talent may take a lot of time and money. When outsourcing software development the country options are endless: India, China, Malaysia, Mexico, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Brazil, Bulgaria, Egypt, and.

What is Software Development Outsourcing?

Outsourcing software development is much more than merely cutting your budget cost (though it is a valid reason as well). Here are some cogent reasons that make a case for software development outsourcing: To Save Yourself Some Time.

Time is a valuable resource, and at times you can feel the need of one pretty strongly. By delegating the. Software development outsourcing has been around for many years. Still, it is worth starting with the basics—service models.

Outsourcing software development

There are different models you can use to outsource the development, testing, or maintenance of a software product, but they are all based on the three primary approaches: staff augmentation, dedicated teams, and project-based outsourcing.

India Software Development Industry in IT Market is booming globally as the demand of India is increasing in Information Technology Industry. India and China are considered to be the two leading most service providers globally for Offshore Development services.

Software development outsourcing is an investment that requires your money, time and effort to save your money, time and effort as a result. Read about the advantages of outsourced software development.

What is Software Development Outsourcing?