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On May 6,he was a student at Pomona College when he was called to active duty. He graduated from Officer Candidate School in May, Now a 2nd Lieutenant, he was assigned to the rd Infantry Division, th Infantry Regiment, in command of the second platoon of Company F. In the fall of l Fussell and his unit arrived in Marseille and in late October or early November, arrived at Epinal, in the foothills of the Vosges Mountains.

He spend the next six months on the line at a time when the average life expectancy for a junior officer there was just 17 days. His platoon went from 40 to 27 men. From mid December to mid January l, his unit held a thinly defended line near Sarrequemines.

On January 1,with the temperature nearing twenty below zero, Fussell survived a major German attack all along American lines in Alsace. On March 15, the 7th Army launched a massive attack on German positions in Alsace.

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In the afternoon, the Germans began shelling the area around the town, and Fussell was seriously wounded. Fussell spent three months recovering from his injury in a hospital at Epinal. He was in a training camp with his new unit in Rheims when he heard the news of the atomic bomb and the Japanese surrender.

He returned to the United States, completed college and then a PhD in English, married and raised a family, and became a celebrated literary and cultural critic. His memoir of his experiences in the war, Doing Battle, was published in Paul Fussell was an American cultural and literary historian, author and university professor.

Paul fussell

His writings covered a variety of topics, from scholarly works on eighteenth-century English literature to commentary on America’s class system/5(K). Paul Fussell was born on March 22, l, in Pasadena, California, the son of a successful corporate lawyer. On May 6, , he was a student at Pomona College when he was called to active duty.

For social historian and critic Paul Fussell, the most enduring moments of truth came when he was a year-old platoon leader in France during World War II.

Quotes [] Humanities interview () [] "The Initial Shock A Conversation with Paul Fussell" in Humanities (November/December ). As a former soldier, what struck me is the absolutely heartless way that war was being pursued by the Americans, partly I think because of the race problem.

The Vietnamese to us were not merely communists, they were nasty little yellow people without souls. May 24,  · Paul Fussell, the wide-ranging, stingingly opinionated literary scholar and cultural critic whose admiration for Samuel Johnson, Kingsley Amis and the Boy Scout Handbook and his withering scorn.

Class: A Guide Through the American Status System by Paul Fussell (1-Oct) Hardcover.

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