Qualification/disqualification, appointment, duties and liabilities of directors essay

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Qualification/disqualification, appointment, duties and liabilities of directors essay

There shall be a Personality Test carrying marks. A number of candidates selected in order of merit on the results of the Written Examination, will be called to the Personality Test. Answers in all the papers may be written either in English or in Bengali unless otherwise directed in the question papers except in the Language Papers.

Candidates should write answers to all questions in only one and same language in any particular paper. The Public Service Commission, West Bengal, shall have discretion to fix qualifying marks at each level of examination i.

Candidates may use the Devnagari script in answer papers on Hindi or Nepali. Questions for Santali Paper will be set in Olchiki script and answers should also be written in Olchiki script.

Final Merit List will be prepared on the basis of the total marks obtained in all the written papers of the Main Examination and in the Personality Test. Ratio and Proportion with simple applications. Compound interest and Annuities: Page 2 of 12 Measures of Central Tendency: Compulsory Paper — E Auditing 1.

Preparation before the commencement of Audit and Procedure of Audit: Concepts-Objectives-Importance; vouching of cash Receipts and Payments, Outstanding assets and liabilities. Audit of different Institutions: Special Audit and Other Issues: Macroeconomics-Scope and basic concepts.

Theory of Equilibrium Income Determination: Concept of demand for and supply of money. Quantity theory of money and Keynesian theory of demand for money. Measures of money supply — High powered money- Money multiplier.

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Concept of Inflation-Demand —pull and Cost-push theories of inflation-Monetary and fiscal policies to control inflation-Instruments, objectives and limitations. Origin and Development of Public Finance-Meaning, public finance and federal finance, public finance and private finance, principle of maximum social advantage.

Principles of Taxation and government Expenditure-Benefit approach, allocation of public goods, ability to pay approach, excess burden of taxes.Management of Companies-Meaning of Director-Qualification-Disqualification-Legal Position-Appointment of Directors-Independent Directors – DIN - Woman Director-Duties of Directors-Liabilities of DirectorsRemuneration of Directors-Managing Director and other Key Managerial Personnel-Manager- .

Qualification/disqualification, appointment, duties and liabilities of directors essay

Verification and Valuation: Assets & Liabilities including Contingent Asset and Liabilities 7. Company Audit: Qualification, Appointment, Remuneration & Removal of Company Auditor- Rights and Duties of Company Auditor (Under the provision of Company Act, )-Branch Audit- Joint audit- Special Audit.

Qualification/Disqualification, Appointment, Duties and Liabilities of Directors Essay Sample. Company law in Malaysia is governed by Companies Act Mar 03,  · Directors Duties 1 Types of directors: Ordinary, de facto, shadow directors and non executive directors Table A section 80 is the cornerstone of corporate governance.

Gives the directors powers to act as they see fit for the benefit of the company. A biography of francisco goya a spanish painter.

Francisco josé de goya y lucientes (30 march – 30 april ) was a spanish painterhe painted many portraits of the spanish royal family his most famous paintings are charles iv of spain and his family and the third of may This essay will illustrate the duties of a director and possible remedies, furthermore, how these duties will be extended to de facto and shadow directors.

A “director” is defined in the Companies Act as including 'any person occupying the position of a director, by whatever name called '.

Qualification/Disqualification, Appointment, Duties and Liabilities of Directors | Essay Example