The art of self branding how

Branding I originally wrote this article for the book, Logo Nest Volume 2.

The art of self branding how

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Press San Jose NHL All-Star With most marquee event identities, we look to the host team, host city, venue, region and cultural influences to provide a conceptual thread and connection that can support an expansive visual platform—while feeling like a natural fit.

But, then there was the influence that enveloped the city above all others. That was the meaningful connection we wanted to leverage. Capturing current tech was crucial or we would run the risk of local Sharks fans—who live and breath tech—seeing the mark as an outdated, cliche impression of tech from out-of-towners.

So, no circuit boards. But, an app might be just the inspiration we wanted. The aesthetic of current day tech is clean and simple. It uses pure, vibrant colors that feel transparent.

Typography is typically unadorned and undecorated san serif. And, then there is the negative space. The result is a refreshing approach to All-Star that combines Silicon Valley sensibilities and using the compositional influence of an app icon.


The notifications bubble that holds the year was the cherry on top. The first consideration was the venue. Citi Field—located in Queens, NYC—was the host venue while it will technically be a Sabres home game, so we needed to strike the right balance. Secondly, celebrating the 10th anniversary of this extremely popular event would need to be given an appropriate level of recognition and be integral to the branding system.

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The duel challenge was to honor two team cities and a 10th anniversary in a single mark and extended branding program. While many approaches were explored, through research, we discovered that in the early years of hockey, both Buffalo, New York and New York City simultaneously built important iconic buildings in the Art Deco architectural style.

With the scope of the program, custom typography provides instant continuity from Division Series to LCS on the the Fall Classic and all things in between. The typography used for the program features a partial gold edge that adds a special quality to the program and also reacts to light in digital animation applications.

The custom typography was inspired by stenciled type seen around maritime Florida coastal marinas, life preservers and lifeguard stands. A color palette of navy, two blues, orange and golden yellow captures the spirit of the event and allowed for rich vector illustrations of the Gulf water.

The steel rivets and industrial shipping themes are seen in both the host city and Philly and supplied fun background patterns and borders. All photos from World Baseball Softball Confederation.

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Here are some photos from the press unveiling, more to come as the season unfolds! Graphics created for stadium and on-field application included: It was also great to include a reference to the naval presence in San Diego with the "Flyover" shooting stars, which was added in the outfield for the event.

Inspirations for the design work was rooted in heritage hockey aesthetic, the year that both the Winnipeg Jets and the Edmonton Oilers came to be. Kudos to Paul and Infinite Scale who did a brilliant job bringing the graphic identity to life in-arena and throughout the event area.

Also, a big thanks to our colleague, Skye Dillon who lent his talented hands to the project. It will be the sixth time the NHL has played a regular-season game in Europe, the first time since These will be the 21st and 22nd games played in Europe, and the seventh and eighth played in Sweden.

Simply put, having a custom font in this day of social media mixed with first screens, second screens and traditional media gives you a whole new line of communication with your fan base, and what matters more than that?

Winter Classic in D. View the full article here. The Cincinnati Red Stockings.Self Marketing Power: Branding Yourself As a Business of One [Jeff Beals] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

In a competitive, global economy, you need to stand out. Whether you're hoping for a promotion, trying to land a major client or striving to make a difference in your community. The Art of Self-Branding: Part One Pretend You're an Amnesiac.

The art of self branding how

Update: Read Part Two | Part Three | Resources. A Brief Primer. Branding. Most people think that “brand” begins and ends with the logo, when the truth is much more than that.

The art of self branding how

Art Therapy: Therapeutic Art and The Healing Process of Therapeutic Art For Self Expression and Self Healing. The best brands are the most clearly defined ones. So be interesting, be fun and let your unique personality shine through.

Decide on the kind of identity you want to project. Personal branding is by no means a new or light topic, but with the rise of social technologies, personal branding is as accessible as ever, meaning you have so much more opportunity, but .

Personal branding is a crucial part of building your career these days, and it is almost exclusively done online in this highly digital age. Learn more about personal branding in .

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