Torn paper collage on canvas

The first method makes use of paper strips glued together with adhesive, and the other uses paper pulp obtained by soaking or boiling paper to which glue is then added.

Torn paper collage on canvas

Knowing that I am always on the lookout for books, she asked if I would be interested in them. She estimated that there were around 50 of them!

All I had to do was take them away. Can't turn this offer down. Even though some of them were 40 years plus old, most were all in pretty good condition. They had been taken care of by their owners over the years before they were donated. I estimated that there were about 70 or 80 of them!

But where would I put them all?

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And, what would hubby say when I came home with yet even more books? My first thought was to share them with other artists in my art groups.

Torn paper collage on canvas

Then I remembered Canada Post's mail charges. They charge an arm and a leg to mail stuff and it just wouldn't be feasible.

Torn paper collage on canvas

I have to admit, my second thought was to hide them somewhere! LOL A secret stash! I figured that hubby might have a fit if he came in the door and saw a gazillion books lying around. But hubby and I don't keep secrets from each other it's just another reason why we have such a successful marriage so I made the decision to talk to him about it when he came home that evening.

I figured out where I could put them He agreed with me that they were a find, as long as I could come up with something I could do with them and actually use them not just having them sit there doing nothing for the next ten years.

I told him about putting the "call" out to the art groups I belong to for ideas In the end, we brought home of them!

I couldn't get them all into one photo for you.

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It's pretty impressive when you actually see it.'Owl' torn paper collage by Karla Schuster ♥♥ Owl torn paper collage could be a cool lesson Karla Schuster is a Georgia based collage artist who creates amazing artwork using found paper, ha.

Lenore "Lee" Krasner (October 27, – June 19, ) was an American abstract expressionist painter in the second half of the 20th century.. She is one of the few female artists to have had a retrospective show at the Museum of Modern Art. Buy torn paper collage canvas prints designed by millions of independent artists from all over the world.

Our torn paper collage canvas art is stretched on inch thick stretcher bars and may be customized with your choice of black, white, or mirrored sides.

70th Birthday Party Ideas. By an Award-Winning Professional Party Planner. Get ideas for party invitations, surprises, decorations, food & drink, and styling. May 16,  · This is "Bloomsday Pansies", 16x20 paper collage on wrapped was begun on Saturday in Colorado City at Studio 20 under the direction of Susie Powell of Plains, Texas.

With this type collage method, you tear colored papers you need instead of using KaySmithBrushworks.

David Asch is an accomplished author, artist and designer based in Brighton, UK. To date he has written two books on Adobe Photoshop Elements for Focal Press: Focus on Photoshop Elements and How to Cheat in Photoshop Elements, now in its 7th edition.

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