Write about the relationship between hrm and its environment

The changing role of the Human resources Management- Human Resources Management Models- By using the core concept of the HRM there are mainly five basic models which are used in practise.

Write about the relationship between hrm and its environment

The motive of such organization in providing value added services to their customers, require their employees to be quite effective in creating value in all the products and services offered by the organization Judypp.

The knowledge and the skills of the employees are quite crucial for the business organization to remain competitive in this complex business environment.

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As such, it is essential that the employees should be provided with sufficient training on all the new dimensions that the organization is eyeing to explore in the near future. In upgrading the knowledge and skills of the employees, the role of HR manager of the organization is quite important.

The HR manager of the organization has to develop policies that are essential to motivate employees in contributing their maximum effort towards the achievement of the organizational objectives.

Apart from the role of HR manager and the employees of the organization, it is quite essential that the organization should be flexible enough in adjusting itself to any type of changes as per the requirement of business environment.

The learning of the organization regarding the major changes in the business environment is quite crucial for its success, as it will enable it to effectively process the important information which results into better interpretation of such information and ultimately provides a framework to respond effectively both inside and outside the organization Smith, Araujo and Burgoynepp.

This essay is basically concerned with the identification of relationship between Knowledge Management, Organizational Learning and HRM of the organization.

In order to explore the relationship between all these important aspects of the organization, a case based on my real experience at work will be analyzed deeply. This will be helpful in identifying the role of knowledge management, importance of organizational learning and HRM in the achievement of organizational goal.

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All the operations in the bank were performed manually without having any problem. But the recent advancement in the field of technology has necessitated certain kind of changes to be brought in the bank for the effective performance of all the functions.

The increasing competition from the other major banks has compelled the AlRajhi bank to bring changes in the organization. Further, the customers of the bank are also expecting better and faster services which could only be possible by implementing latest technology in operation.

The major problem that the bank is facing in bringing changes in the organization is the resistance from existing employees including me as well. The major reason behind resistance from my side including other major employees of the organization is that we all had a fear of job loss from such technological change by the management of the bank.

write about the relationship between hrm and its environment

The fear that I would not be able to perform effectively in the job has been the main reason for my resistance against the change as desired by management. In order to make such change to happen, the bank has made considerable effort such as; they have given assurance to employees that no one will loose jobs because of such change.

They have also given assurance that all the employees will be given requisite training so that all of us could be able to perform effectively in our jobs.

The training would be helpful in acquiring sufficient knowledge regarding the way in which all the functions of the bank can be performed effectively. The training process started after a certain period of time and it was quite helpful for me in enhancing my skills and knowledge.

The training was helpful enough for all the employees of the organization in performing their function in the manner expected from them by the organization.

Relationship between Knowledge Management, Organization Learning and HRM Learning of organization, Knowledge management and HRM are the important concepts that have a major impact on the overall effectiveness of the organization.

Creation of value for the customer is regarded as one of the most important criteria for the success of an organization. In the process of value creation, there are two types of organizational learning that can take place.

This includes exploratory learning and exploitative learning. Exploratory learning implies acquiring knowledge for the purpose of creating value for the customers which does not exist within the organization, whereas exploitative learning implies creating value for the customers by deepening existing knowledge.

Organizations do not learn by themselves, rather they provide requisite environment to the employees who in turn perform as per the laid down structure in order to achieve organizational objective. In case of my incident at AlRajhi bank, all the employees have been provided with requisite structure in order to perform effectively.

In addition to that, with the changing environment, AlRajhi bank has also identified that it needs to bring change within the organization so as to compete effectively with the competitors. Knowledge Management is another important concept that has vital importance for an organization to succeed.

Knowledge management implies acquiring new knowledge that can be utilized for the overall benefit of the organization. The competitive business environment requires organizations to bring innovation in the product and services offered by them to their customers. It could only be possible by having knowledgeable employees in the organization.

write about the relationship between hrm and its environment

In this competitive scenario,knowledge is regarded as a source of competitive advantage Nonanka Knowledge creation is essential for the creation of new products and services and the organization should also know the extent of knowledge of its employees, so that it can be utilized for the purpose of achieving competitive advantage.

There are various ways through which knowledge can be increased and transferred to the overall good of the organization.Nov 30,  · Measuring and evaluating whether or not there is a causal relationship between corporate social responsibility and corporate financial performance.

Is reputation-building the paramount reason why business leaders integrate CSR into their overall business strategies?

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The case of . Relationship between Cultural Change and the Environment The association between culture and human technologies is central to the issue of today’s worldwide environmental degradation.

This relationship is often viewed as quite simple: as a culture develops, needs arise and are met by new technologies. RELATIONSHIPS BETWEEN HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT PRACTICES, BUSINESS STRATE- changes in global economic environment which is strate the impact of HRM on firm performance and the relationship between the practices and firm outcomes.

Although there are many functions of human resource management, here is a list of its five major functions: Recruitment and selection Recruitment is the process of captivating, screening, and selecting potential and qualified candidates based on objective criteria for a particular job.

Relationship between Knowledge Management, Organization Learning and HRM Learning of organization, Knowledge management and HRM are the important concepts that have a major impact on the overall effectiveness of the organization/5(14K). Difference Between Personnel Management And Human Resource Management Words | 15 Pages.

Understand the difference between personnel management and human resource management Distinguish between personnel management and human resource management: Personnel management and Human Resource management (HRM) are two distinct types of management.

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