Writing a simple web service in python what does that mean

The service provider implements the service and makes it available on the Internet or intranet.

Writing a simple web service in python what does that mean

Net we learned how to create a simple Web Service. And remember, I have written this article only focusing on beginners.

So let us start step-by-step so beginners can understand it very easily. Net and create a Web Service and keep it in running mode I hope you have done that. What does consuming mean? Many beginners are confused about what means consuming means, but its very simple, it means to use the Web Services in an application.

Similarly you can use the same Web Service in Windows, console application, Java and other applications. I hope you understand the word "consuming".

So let us create the simple ASP. Net Web Application as: Give the project a name, such as "Consumingwebservice" or another as you wish and specify the location. In the preceding source code, you have seen that I have taken three text boxes to get input from users because we know that our Web Service method created as in my article Introduction to Web Service with Example in ASP.

Net takes the three input values day, month and year so I have taken the three text boxes and button click event. We will call the Web Service method and the output will be displayed on the label control so I have also taken one button and label control.

I hope you understand it. Net Web Application will be as in the following: So how to add it? Let us see the procedure.

Right-click on the ASP.

writing a simple web service in python what does that mean

Then after clicking on the above option, the following window will appear, then click on the "Advanced" tab. Now after clicking on the Advanced tab, it will show the following window then click on the "Add Web Reference" option as in the following in a circle: After clicking on the Add Web Reference tab, it will show the following window.

Now this is a very important step, when adding the web reference to the ASP. Net by clicking on F5 or whatever other option you are familiar with, it will then show the following web page.

As you clearly see there, in the preceding window, it displays the method named "converttodaysweb" as we created in our Web Service, now just you need to copy the preceding URL that I have circled in red and paste it into the Step 4 window URL option, then the Step 4 window will look as in the following: The Name of the Web Service is "WebService" because I have given the class name as Web Service, that's why the name is Web Services, in your case it might be different or the class name is anything so you can use any name for Web Service so don't be confused about it.

Web Reference Name In the right hand corner of the window you have seen the option for the Web reference name; the web reference name is anything you wish and this name will be added in your ASP.

Net Web Application as allies name for Web Service. In my article I have given the web reference name as "local host". Net web application the Solution Explorer will look as in the following: In the preceding window, you have clearly seen that the Web Service reference named "localhost" is added into the ASP.

The following is the procedure: Go to the Default. Net Web application and double-click on the button that we have placed on the Default.

What is REST?

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