Your guide to beach safety

To download, right click on the "download now" link below and choose "save target as" or "save link as" to save the file to your hard drive. File size is 4. You probably already have it. Every year, starting in June, newspapers, magazines, television and the internet are flooded with stories, articles, and video about sharks, stingrays, jellyfish, and so on.

Your guide to beach safety

John Gray's Cave Canoeing Tour in Phang Nga Bay Karon Beach Facilities There aren't any public toilets along the length of Karon Beach, but many restaurants across the road from the beach will let you use their facilities, sometimes for a charge of a few baht. Wandering vendors roam the beach, mostly towards its southern end and in the area in front of Karon circle.

Visitors can easily purchase small umbrellas and beach mats at most of the local shops and supermarkets near the beach for prices ranging from to baht according to their size. There is a good choice of Thai seafood restaurants immediately to the north of Karon circle - between the beach and Karon Lake - and a lot of dining options along the beach road between Karon and Kata centres.

Watersports in Karon Beach Jet ski and parasailing operators walk up and down the beach looking for customers. With fewer jet skis than Patong, there's more room to operate. Exercise caution and wear a lifejacket when participating in motorised watersports - some jet skis have 'no insurance' stickers on them and there have been many tales of accidents and scams.

Also popular are the banana boats, waterskiing and wakeboarding.

Lifeguarded beaches

Windsurfing is very popular on Karon Beach as it has some of the best conditions in Phuket and plenty of space in which to maneuver. Hobie cats and sea kayaks are also available. Karon Beach is not so popular with surfers as it is very open to conditions. With constantly shifting sandbanks, it is not a reliable location and just about anywhere else is better.

However, you can surf when there are small swells and no wind. Karon's shifting sandbanks mean swell from all directions. Winds are light and changeable and waves are up to 2 metres.

Read more about surfing Karon Beach Activities Some good snorkeling can be found by the rocks at the south end of the beach.

Equipment can be rented on the beach. Volleyball is popular when the sun begins to go down, with nets and courts available at roughly the mid-point. Photos of Karon beach.The cats of America are under siege!

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Your guide to beach safety

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Beach Safety Advice And Tips for Staying Safe at Sea

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When you’re heading to a beach, we urge you to respect the water and visit a lifeguarded beach. On a lifeguarded beach there are trained professionals to help keep you safe – they’ll be on hand if something goes wrong, in or out of the water.

Brush up on your beach safety skills and learn how to stay safe before hitting the road! Greatist. I'm looking for Categories {{}} A Visual Guide to Grains So You Know.

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